Got Questions? We Have Answers

We see patients who range in age from 4 years old to 104 years old.
All PPOs, Delta Premiere and Cigna in-network.
Yes, we are currently accepting new patients.
We are open 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM Monday through Thursday.
We offer a 2-3 month payment plan for some treatment. We also offer Care Credit
which provides 6 to 12 months no interest payments to those who qualify. For more
information please visit
We explain our procedures and always make sure patients don’t feel pain by using anesthetics. Some patients like to use nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” to help them relax. For those that require more sedation, we use oral sedation. Someone has to drive you to and from your appointment.
Insurance companies have contacts with certain dentist to provide services and those dentists are “in-network”. Some insurance plans will pay “out-of-network” dentists but at a lower percentage of their fees, and that allows you to chose your on dentist.
It allows us to see the bone around the tooth so we can check for growth, any abscess, and abnormalities. We can check the enamel between the teeth where decay can occur which we can not see visually. We can see problems when they are smaller and easier to correct.
We remove large deposits of tarter and calculus above and below the gum line. If the teeth haven’t been cleaned every six months as recommended, we find these large deposits on nearly every tooth. It’s also called scaling and root planning since the objective is to make the roots smoother. If your teeth or gums are sensitive, we can use anesthetic to numb.

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